. Animal Rhymes .

~Animal Rhymes ~

Find out interesting stuff about animals
by means of our short rhymes and illustrations!


The cheetah is a great big cat
But very quick, for all of that,
She's cunning but she's gentle, too,                
And if you're good she's good to you.


The puma is a bandit who'll not meet you face to face
But waits to spring upon you from some well-hidden place.
He'll strike you when your back is turned, but away he's sure to fly
If you should turn to look him right squarely in the eye.


"I'm stopping for a moment just to say 'How-do-you-do?'
I've just been decorated with this ribbon of deep blue
Because of all the gracefulness with which I trot and prance—
No wonder that you give Sir Horse your most admiring glance!"


Milk or meat or leather for shoes,—
Almost anything that we choose,—
We'll find the good Cow gives with joy
To every nice little girl and boy.


See, with long tail but scanty mane,
The Zebra gallops over the plain.


Elephants are big in size,
But it’s well known they are wise.


We all at Monkeys love to gaze,
And watch their funny tricks and ways.

*adapted & posted by : Teacher Nina ( '',)


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